Osaka University Exchange Program, Japan

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Osaka, Japan UGA Osaka University
Begins - Ends Duration Deadline
Academic Year 2016
Academic Year 2015
Spring 2015
Academic Year 2016
Academic Year 2015
Full academic year
Spring 2015
Academic Year 2016
Final: TBD
Academic Year 2015
Final: Feb 3, 2014
Spring 2015
Final: Sep 8, 2014
Web Site Program Information:
Program Contact:
Ms. Colleen Larson
Office of International Education
University of Georgia
1324 S. Lumpkin Street
International Education Building
Athens, GA 30602
Telephone: (706) 542-2900


iExPO     (for those with advanced Japanese langauge proficiency):


OUSSEP   (to enroll in language/culture subjects in English):


FrontierLab   (for research):



Maple (for intensive Japanese language study)*:   


Maple requires min. 2 years JPNS study


See outline at:


Courses in English:

Syllabus Search:


OUSSEP consists of 3 options:  Regular OUSSEP; OUSSEP-J for a new intensive language option and ; OUSSEP-R to include an independent study option. OUSSEP-J requires additional tuition fees at Osaka.

Language & Culture Program
Frontier Lab Exchange Option provides research opportunities in Sciences & Technology.

Form: Lecture
Languages: English and Japanese
Attend Classes with International Students
Faculty Host Faculty

Open to UGA students only.
Students must be nominated via the UGA Department of Comparative Literature selection process in Janauary each year.

Maple program requires 2 years college Japanese required to participate.

Academic Year 2015

12-15 transfer credits/semester.

Spring 2015

12-15 transfer credits/semester.

Estimated Cost
Academic Year 2015

UGA Exchange Program Fee = UGA in-state tuition/fees.

Spring 2015

UGA Exchange Program Fee = UGA in-state tuition/fees.


Host University residence.

Other Details

Academic Calendar:  Typical year for UGA participants is October through July.

Disability Statement The University of Georgia Exchange Programs is committed to providing access for all people with disabilities and if notified, will coordinate accommodations with the partner university abroad. Osaka Information: